The federative spirit of any Aïkido group can only be based on ethical principles. Born from the tradition of Japanese budo, culture and moral values, the ethics aims at achieving harmony of body, heart and mind.

Aïkido ethics is threatened, the more the discipline is spread, the more it adapts to the habits of the society, and the more its tradition has to be carefully maintained. In one of his rare books, Kisshomaru UESHIBA Doshu already expressed concerns about the development and popularization of Aïkido.

SHOYUKAN AÏKIKAÏ FRANCE promotes these ethical rules as :

  • To respect his partner, which must be considered an indispensable companion of the practice,
  • To know ourself, our abilities and limitations,
  • To fight against any form of self-satisfaction, pride and violence,
  • The kohai / sempai relationship (beginner / old), hierarchy primarily based on mutual respect,
  • To respect the “dojo” and its rituals,
  • A minimum knowledge of the Japanese culture.


Pursuing these objectives involves:

  • Aïkido can not be considered as a product nor a source of power or profit,
  • Strive to keep alive and unaltered the traditional, aesthetic, spiritual, moral and technical values intended by its creator Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei.