SHOYUKAN AÏKÏKAÏ FRANCE is not a new Aikido Federation in France. The association does not want to compete with the existing institutions but to be an actor of the Aikido development, respecting the Hombu Dojo tradition, the Hombu Dojo Senseis and the Japanese culture.

Our association goal is to relay in France the values of the Aïkïkaï Hombu Dojo as humility, selflessness, respect and tolerance. But also to practice together in a positive atmosphere because Aïkido is also a source of friendship.

The objectives of SHOYUKAN AÏKÏKAÏ FRANCE are to :

  • Promote and to develop relations with the Hombu Dojo and encourage exchanges between French and Japanese practitioners through seminars or demonstrations in France,
  • Manage and develop the practice of Aikido in the spirit of its founder O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba,
  • Organize « Dan » ranking ceremonies with Aikikai teachers or with association teachers according to the rules and rituals in force at Hombu Dojo in accordance with its regulations May 10, 1980 Teachers amended on 1 December 1988 and 1 October 2000,
  • Unite clubs, practitioners and teachers in respect with the Aikido principles taught at the Hombu Dojo.