Hombu Dojo Official Recognition




SHOYUKAN AÏKIKAÏ FRANCE group has been built over the years, thanks to the fildelity and practise of many Aïkidokas from very different cultural backgrounds (Japan, Lithuania, Russia, Switzerland, Morocco, Colombia, United States, Bulgaria, England, etc.). They regularly gathered for international seminars organized since 1998 under the direction of Aïkïkaï Hombu Dojo of Tokko instructors as Waka-Sensei Mitsuteru UESHIBA, Shoji SEKI Shihan, 8th Dan and Makoto ITO Shihan, 6th Dan.


Example of humility and discipline, Shoji SEKI Shihan conveyed his huge technical expertise and his strong moral values which are the foundation of our association. The association express him its biggest respect and gratitude for the unifying role he has played for its development.


To date, more than 525 DAN ranks have been awarded to our members by the Aikikai Foundation Hombu Dojo during seminars held by Shoji SEKI Shihan.


SHOYUKAN AÏKIKAÏ FRANCE now offers to its members the opportunity to take the "Dan Aikikai" exams and to continue their progression in a system faithful to the Japanese technic and art.


SHOYUKAN AÏKIKAÏ FRANCE members undertake to continue the work done for many years by the Aïkïkaï Hombu Dojo Foundation and by the UESHIBA family.


Official recognition of SHOYUKAN AÏKIKAÏ FRANCE took place on the 1st March 2012 by Doshu Moriteru UESHIBA rewarding 30 years of work and loyalty.



Stage Waka

    UESHIBA family with Daniel JEAN PIERRE and SHOYUKAN AÏKÏKAÏ FRANCE members at Iwama in 2007